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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  December 12, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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>> he's laughing now but why romney's campaign is being compared to hillary clinton's run for president. so does that make newt gingrich comfortable to candidate obama? comparable to candidate obama. >> i am not a victim. i am the victor. the stronger and the winner. >> no longer in hiding, a woman confronts the man who sexually assaulted her and brings her story from behind the shadows to inspire other victims. plus -- why lowe's loam improvement store is the focus of today's news nation gut check. hi there, everyone. i'm tamron hall. "news nation" is following developing news this hour. supreme court taking up another major case. agreeing to rule on arizona's tough new immigration law. the law, i don't know to tell you, was enacted last year. a national controversy and even inspired similar laws in other states. laws in alabama, south carolina, and utah are facing justice
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department lawsuits and private groups are suing over new laws in georgia and indiana. and nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins us from the supreme court. pete, at this point we have got a news statement in from arizona governor jan brewer reacting saying this case is not just about arizona. it is about every state grappling with the cost of illegal immigration and about the fundamental principle of federalism under which these states have a right to refend their people. that statement in from governor jan brewer of arizona. >> reporter: well, she certain sly right. the fundamental issue is how much power the states have. the states have said they have to act because the federal government isn't adequately enforcing the nation's federal immigration laws so the states say they have to come up with their own laws. constitutional question -- question for the supreme court is that not whether they need to do that, they certainly claim they do. but whether they can. there are federal immigration laws, the obama justice department challenged arizona's law, parts of it were put on hold, most controversial part is one that says police must detain
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anyone they us is peskt being in the u.s. illegally and can't release them until their immigration status is verified. that part is on hold. most of the controversial parts of the law on hold. although a judge did decline to stop the most controversial parts of alabama's law which has now become the nation's toughest. so i would expect the court will hear this case in april and one note here, justice kagan, one rt court's liberals, will not be taking part in this. she is sit thing one out presumably because of her work on the immigration issue when she was solicitor general. that always raised the prospect of a 4-4 tie. if that were to happen, tamron, then it would be as though this case never came to the supreme court. the lower court ruling would stand and that was a court of appeals ruling that held pats of the arizona law unconstitutional. that would be the last word on this case. if there is a tie. >> all right. thank you very much. pete, greatly appreciate it. let's bring in the "news nation" political panel, laura chappin, columnist for "u.s. news & world
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report." d.c. bureau chief for comcast. or holly bailey for yahoo news. let's talk about the timing. could you have these three major decisions from the supreme court right before the presidential election. this election year case load is set to be historic at this point. >> right. it is -- i mean, these issues have been dominated on the campaign trail and it is just going to make, i think, the trail even crazier. i think there is a possibility especially with immigration one could it really, you know, focus more on the -- it would enforce the candidates to take a stronger position tha what they already have and perhaps turn out republican primary voters even moyrn tensely than before. >> robert, let me bring you in on this and we know that, you know, ka know, candidates got in hot water from rick perry saying have a heart to newt gingrich also expressing what some would indicate sympathy for people in this country who are here illegally. mitt romney taking the harder line of all of them for now. >> yes. this is going to be a hot topic
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issue on many fronts. not only because of what you just said, tamron, but also because if, in fact the supreme court rules let's say in favor of the democrats or president in this regard, the republicans will say all the reason why you should elect us so we can change the trajectory of the supreme court. so it depends, quite frankly how the supreme court rules on this and it also frames the debate, if you will, going up into the fall election. it is going to be three main issues. number one, economy. number two, immigration. probably three, it is probably going to be health care which is another thing the supreme court is going to be taking up it is interesting the i believe it was joe scarborough talking about the fact that the president has not really used his success with the -- health care law and as something to tout, as a success, something on his resume, when he -- he talks to the voters out there, say listen, i'm on your side. this is before the supreme court. and how do you believe the president and his campaign will play this at this point? >> well, i think there's a
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couple of die flamices. colorado was the only state to turn back an i tempt to recall or cut back in part to the affordable care. colorado voters have already said that the affordable care act is something they support. you know, so -- moving forward the inning thing, too, about the supreme court case is you have republicans challenging a republican idea. i mean, the individual mandate they are challenging was actually republican proposal. so there -- >> the republican adds in the man who is running for president, mitt romney. >> yeah. right. exactly. it is i-ing their fill s-- they philosophically all over the place. as far as immigration decision concerned in a state like colorado where you have a substantial latino base and frankly, that's where the growth of the voting population is, you know, republicans, you know --
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may be helping themselves in the primary but when it gets to the general election, in the -- latino vote -- alienatining lato vote centers big problem for them. >> let's turn to the poll. south carolina, newt gingrich, 42% of the vote right there. up 35 points. that's insane. in florida, let's switch it, newt gingrich up 38 points to 44%. mitt romney is at 29%. believe it was hol write who wrote today that the next ten days are critical here. robert, what do you make of the numbers? how does mitt romney stop newt gingrich if it can? >> two ways. newt gingrich may stop himself. you see a lot of republicans out there and folks that work with him during the 1994 republican revolution. laura ingram, very prominent conservative. coming out and saying newt gingrich is a very, very smart guy but he's his worst enemy. we heard newt gingrich say a few hours ago that the palestinian state was an invented state. things like that, you know, kind
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of -- walks you through the kind of newt gingrich that thinks out loud and could be his own worst enemy. he is a formidable candidate. if the polls are true and sampling -- i want to take a look at the cross-sampling here -- is accurate, he is the running train going into the nomination. >> let me bring you in, holly. interesting comparison between mitt romney and hillary clinton. we have the list of things they compare. they talk about the $10,000 bet gap showing again that he's not in touch and talk about hillary clinton's gaffe when she would not answer yes or no if an illegal immigrant should have a license. a businessman not connecting. she had the experience on part of the clinton team and did not beat out the hope and change argument the president was making. and eventually went on to win. they also bring up her iraq war vote, his are health care law here. which then if this equation is right, that makes newt gingrich comparable to the way that was
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candidate obama. if this is right. >> i think the differences, though, back in -- 2008, mitt romney was fighting against mike huckabee who by then was not a candidate that had so many positions. there was not as much known about him as the way that newt good very much campaigning now. >> what's known about him -- he's up 35 points. 38 points. all of his dirty laundry at least that -- we can find is out there. >> i think also this reflect it is fact republicans are not happy with mitt romney. i mean, the fact this is -- campaign defined by the fact republicans have been really unhappy with mitt romney and looking for an alternative to him. so what -- mitt romney must be feeling pretty nervous but was feeling nervous four years ago, too. >> i will remind everyone here the republican field right now has had five, five front-runners over the last five months or so. you know, anything could change. so although newt gingrich is a formidable force, i think it is -- we need to caution ourself because we talked about herman
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cain and michele bachmann. >> we talked about those people earlier. we are three weeks out now. that's you are absolutely right. we have seen the laundry list of names but we know the saying timing is everything. and timing may be on the side of newt gingrich. i want to play what the president had to say on" 60 minutes" regarding the gop field. let's play it. >> it doesn't really matter who the nominee is going to be. the core philosophy that they are expressing is the same. and the contrast in visions between where i want to take the country and where they say then want to take the country will be stark. >> we know the president had -- and his team prepared, if you will, for the inevitable extension of mitt romney. they are now preparing for newt gingrich. he's saying it is all the same. has to present a stark difference. we can all see there is a stark difference here. a matter of what voters want in the white house. >> well, you know, i think that what we are dealing with right now is that, you know, gingrich
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who is stealing mitt romney's christmas. i think mitt thought he pretty well had it sewn up by now and that's not happening because for whatever reason, the voters in the republican base are not happy with him as a candidate. but i do think what the president said as far as the -- the philosophy being accurate is absolutely true. i think one of the major things that they are going to have to overcome when they get to the general election is going to be their difficults we women vo di vote -- in states like colorado. what the president said is correct, it doesn't matter who the nominee is, we are dealing with a republican field that at this point is trying to make friends with the hard right base and the issues that the base are -- looking to them for are going to cause them serious problems when we get to the general. >> laura, robert, holly, thank you for your time. president obama's warning other nations not to interfere in iraq when u.s. troops leave by the end of the month.
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the president met with al maliki at the white house this morning to discuss iraq's future. only a short time ago, president obama announced the troops would leave with their heads held high. he also promised the u.s. would keep a strong presence in the middle southeast and defend u.s. partners and interests, reacting to criticism iraq may not be ready for u.s. troops to leave. the president said the country is more be ready to handle its own security. >> iraqi forces have been in the lead for the better part of three years. patrolling the streets, dismantling militias and conducting counterterrorism operations. today despite continued attacks by those who seek to derail iraq's progress, violence remains at record lows. >> and joining me now, nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel. we saw the emotional scene of the president with al maliki laying the wreath at the tomb of the unknown. i saw your tweet as well. saying just how emotional this moment is and we need to
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understand with clarity what is happening. can you paint a picture of the situation, the security situation, in iraq, is it as the president stated today? >> things here are much safer than they were at the worst point in this country's modern history in 2006, 2007. and this is an historic moment. listening to the president and al maliki talking about the end of the iraq war. it has been nearly nine years since this war began about a million troops were deployed to this country and u.s. troops, 4500 of them never came home. more than 30,000 injured, about 150,000 iraqis were killed a trillion dollars spent. i spent the last couple of days going to american bases here and these were luke military cities in the past and now they are like ghost towns on one base, there were a few hundred troops. i was on camp victory today. that was one of the largest bases in the country. no more american troops on this
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base. instead just a few iraqis looking around trying to guard their new real estate. it is a -- a turning point in this war and as the president said, this war is ending. >> richard engel live for us in baghdad. coming up, major bombshell in the penn state sex abuse investigation. did the man who told a grand jury he witnessed jerry sandusky sexually assault a child now change his story? who is behind a new idea to place a passenger advocate at every airport. and the russian billionaire who owns the new jersey nets basketball team is now taking on putin in the race to be russia's next president. who is this man? more on him. join our conversation online. find our twitter page. on my jo,
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welcome back. it is expected to be a dramatic day tomorrow in pennsylvania where former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky will appear for a preliminary hearing. sandusky will face some of the young men accusing him of sexual abuse. prosecutors call them to testify in public for the first time. men time, in an interview with nbc news, sandusky's attorney suggests the alleged victims may be working together and he claims motivated by money. it is one allegation one victim's attorney denies. >> at least one of the accusers, that's all the accuser and his family are talking about, what they will do with all the money they will get. >> the idea these people are coming back with a financial insenttive is ridiculous. >> prosecutors may also have a new problem. grand jury testimony by penn state assistant coach mcqueary is being called into question.
2:18 pm
mcqueary told that grand jury he saw, saw, sandusky sexually assault a young boy in the showers in 2007. but nbc news has confirmed mcqueary family friend has testified that when he talked with mcqueary, that same any, mcqueary said he only, quote, heard so-called sex sounds in the shower. joining me now, michael. let's talk about the mike mcqueary situation. a family friend say he did not see the act. we talked about it in first place. experts say it is very unusual for there to be an eyewitness in a child sex abuse or sexual abuse case. here this guy's story may be changing. >> you and i have had a number of conversations, tamron, regarding what did mike mcqueary see and secondarily, and what exactly did he report to joe paterno. remember, it is march 1, 2002, friday night when he sees conduct he reports the following
2:19 pm
day to joe paterno. and now we are learning for the first time that when he goes home that night and has a discussion with his father, it is not just the two of them but that as you point out there is a family friend who is a physician. he is there at the same time and that perhaps the account that he gave to the grand jury is different from that which mike mcyear grave to the grand jury and put on top of that the fact that mcqueary sent out an e-mail that appears at odds with his grand jury testimony and all of a sudden there is a fair amount of fodder there for mcqueary to be cross-examined when he finally takes the stand. >> as an attorney, you mean, how do you repair or how do you keep credibility here if he turns out to be one of your star witnesses for the prosecution? >> what is interest sing that that's different accounts are significantly at odds with one another. you know, they are not miner discrepancies. the grand jury noted he was found to be very credible. as a matter of fact, it is only
2:20 pm
because of mike mcqueary's testimony that two other penn state officials, moaning not sandusky, but the athletic director and the vice president were charged. so if mcqueary's testimony is found incredible, not believable, the case against sandusky may still stand. where it will really do harm is to the prosecution of schultz and curley, the other two individuals. >> the distwinge between hearing and see thing alleged attack on this chilled, alleged rape of this child, would be significant because i can imagine mcyear i don't the witness stand, have you the defense attorney who will say what do you mean i-sounds like? what does that sound like? he falls apart there. >> look, in the grand jury summary, the 23-page summary, and i should point out just that, it is a summary but there's very graphic detail that is presented in terms of what he saw. and, you know, you then have this whisper down the lane where all of a sudden it becomes interpreted as horse play.
2:21 pm
somewhere along the way either he didn't report it fully or that is not what it was to begin with. but, again, this will be grounds for cross-examination when joe finally has the opportunity to question mike mcqueary. >> we will be watching as this takes a huge step tomorrow with this preliminary hearing. sandusky face to face with some of the kids that say he sexually assaulted them. thank you very much. house majority leader eric cantor's office announced moments ago the house likely is to vote tomorrow on the gop's plan to extend the payroll tax cut for 160 million working americans. it is expected to pass the house with overwhelming republican support. luke russert joins from us capitol hill. what can you tell us about what cantor said. >> reporter: we are getting to the crunch time on how to extend the vote. the gop plan, what is in it? there are a few things. number one, would extend the payroll tax cut holiday but mass
2:22 pm
it paid for that? it pays for that by putting a freeze on the wages of federal workers possibly all the way to 20 2015, a reform to unemployment benefits in this bill. it extends them. however it tries to reform unemployment benefits so that one could not be on for 99 weeks like can you now. it would go down gradually from 99 weeks to 59 weeks. also in here is a dot fix, call something on capitol hill that happens almost every year so that medicare doctors don't see a 28% decrease in their pay. the other sticking point within the gop plan, tamron, is that it would require the president, president obama, making december identification the keystone pipeline that -- pipeline is to -- go from canada to the gulf within the next 60 days. that's very contentious because president obama delayed a position on that because of environmental concerns at the election. a lot of republicans were doing to it play indicated his environmentalist base. something put in by boehner to offset anger they had about extending the payroll tax cut
2:23 pm
holiday. it mr. get through the house and what happen was that provision in the senate is going to be the next step. either way we are looking at any type of deal coming at the earliest late this week. this looks like it is possibly going into the weekend, even early next week. >> senate majority leader harry reid says that the house republican plan including the keystone pipeline is no chance of passing in the upper chamber. that's what senator reid had to say about that. we will see what's next. thank you, luke. greatly appreciate. >> it take care. be well. >> thank you. coming up, predator drones are not being used just for border patrol in this country and war zones. details on how local police are now using the spy planes. interesting. plus, home improvement chain lowe's is under fire today for caving to a conservative christian group. they yanked their ads from a reality tv show that profiled american muslim families in detroit. well, lowe's offered an apology. some are calling it a lukewarm apology and asking is it enough. it is our news nation gut check.
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welcome back. quick update for you. president obama says the u.s. wants its spy drone back. the drone went down earlier this month in iran. the president made these remarks at the press conference with al maliki. the president says officials have asked for the drone to be returned and said, quote, we will see how the iranians respond. iran tv reported this morning that experts were almost finished collecting data from that drone. and iran claims it brought down the drone. the u.s. says it was a malfunction. in court a woman confronts the man who tried to rape her. >> i am not a victim. i am the victor. the stronger and the inner. >> that woman who says she's not a victim will join me live to talk about her emotional words in court. what that felt like for her. plus, one city is about to make history with a minimum wage that sets a record. we will tell you exactly how
2:28 pm
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here's what the "news nation" is following right now. >> i survived. you have simply vick sometimeized yourself. >> confronting the man who sexually assaulted her, the victim takes a rare step in revealing her identity. i will talk with her about why she wanted to speak out. fighting for passengers. we will tell you who is behind a new idea to help travelers who feel they have been wronged by the tsa and airport security.
2:32 pm
call it green monday. fedex expecting to ship 17 million packages today. it is, if you didn't know the busiest day of the year for them. plus, it is a hot "news nation" gut check today. lowe's offers a heart hearted apology after pulling its ads from a tv show featuring american muslims. is it enough? we have a new comment about. we usually don't identify victims of sexual assault but one woman says she is not embarrassed and does not consider herself a victim. heidi cooper confronted her attacker and is sharing her story with the world. she will speak with news a moment but first nbc's michelle franzen has her story. >> facing her attacker inside this tampa courtroom -- >> my name is heidi elizabeth damon. i have a name. i have a name that will go on forever. >> reporter: and not holding back. >> i survived! you have simply victimized
2:33 pm
yourself. i will be free for the rest of my life. you will be a prisoner for the rest of yours. >> reporter: heidi damon personally deliver ad message to cooper on the day he was sentenced for trying to rape and kill her. >> i am not a victim. i am the victor. the stronger and the winner. >> reporter: it has been two years since damon was brutality attacked during the day in this parking garage while walking to her car. damon testified cooper grabbed her from behind while she was talking on her cell phone. choked her and caused her to pass out. when she came to, her pants and underwear had been removed. and she was bruised and her eyes remained bloodied for weeks afterwards. >> tell me your name. >> reporter: prosecutors say her assailant, just 16 years old at the time of his arrest, and much heavier, likely got scared when she lost consciousness and fled. >> you did this horrible thing to me and you allowed yourself
2:34 pm
to go to the dark side. well, you know what? you had a choice. >> reporter: confronting her attacker, experts say, played a huge part in the healing process. >> there is a feeling of empowerment, a feeling of i'm not alone. >> joining us now is heidi damon. she is in the studio. thank you so much for your time you're very welcome. >> how many days and nights do you think about that moment? >> every. >> every day did you know what you wanted topaper in your hand. it seemed you were speaking from your heart. >> i was. a lot of people have asked me how i prepared. i really didn't. when something happens to you so traumatic, you have blurps of thoughts throughout time. so over 2 1/2-year period i thought after million things to say to him. so the day that i had court and i saw him, i wanted to make sure
2:35 pm
that i was prepared, that i would get through what i wanted to say and i wasn't sure how i would react. >> did you have a support system? >> i do. i have an amazing support system. well, first of all, i support myself. because i love my self. i respect myself. so that's pretty much where it starts. but my mom and dad, my boyfriend, i have -- friends and colleagues and customers and i -- even had my volkswagen dealership call me and my pharmacist. i'm very bless. >> you said in court i'm so happy i get to look at new the face because who would have thought that i would be sitting here strong-willed being the person i am. >> yes. >> what did it feel like to look him in his face? to be honest, i look at the video and -- i don't -- i don't know what -- how to process. he has this smug look, this indifference i think would have made me explode with anger. >> yeah. i think a lot of his expression
2:36 pm
was nerves. if you -- i think that if anyone were to analyze his body language, i think that he was very nervous. and i felt great. when first got in the courtroom i was nervous and anxious. but once i got up and talked to him, i was ex-tcstatic i got to stand ahead of him and say i'm a live. >> you could have kept your identity private. how much of this was for other women as well? your energy and your confidence radiates. i feel -- i wish it could leap into me. >> thank you. >> it is magnetic and you should be speaking around the world. >> thank you. >> did you do it for your self-healing or others? >> i call it helping healing or healing helping. because it really -- it has to be about me healing first. i think that that's why it took this long for me to put my name out there because i did stay anonymous for so long. but by me coming out and talking and putting my name out there,
2:37 pm
it puts an actual person behind all of this. and if my story or me coming forward and showing my face helps other people who have been victimized come out and say i'm not the bad person, there's nothing wrong with me, it is the person that did this to me, that is what i hopefully will achieve. so i do i mostly for everybody else out there. >> i think you achieved your goal greatly. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> i love that you are here. thank you. >> thank you. a local police department is using unmanned spy planes to catch suspects tops our look at stories around the news nation. according to the "l.a. times," grand forks air force base in north dakota helped local police track down a suspect two dozen times since june. the drones are similar to the ones used for unmanned operations in afghanistan. privacy advocates say the drones allowed police to snoop on people without a warrant or cause. the drones are necessary and are
2:38 pm
only used by local police during emergencies. take a listen to this. city of san francisco will make when the minimum wage tops $10 on january 1. a 32 cent raise will bring the minimum wage up to $10.24. that, by the way, highest in the country. san francisco law mandates an increase to minimum wage every year. charges could soon be on the way for several college basketball players involved in a brawl during a game in cincinnati. over the weekend. look at the eight players. the university of cincinnati are now suspended because of this ugly fight. local prosecutors say that they are considering criminal charges. officials and coaches from both schools have offered an apology. millions of travelers prepare to get on planes in the coming weeks. two lawmakers pushing to make sure passengers can voice any frustration over what they feel are invasive security screenings immediately after one takes place. under the plan, a passenger advocate, that would be person, would be stationed at airports
2:39 pm
to step in when someone feels their screening has gone too far. proposal comes after three elderly women say they were forced to take their clothes off while going through security at new york's kennedy airport. the tsa denies the claim. joining me now via skype is indicated had a kate. thank you, kate, for your time. >> thanks for having me. >> what do you think of this passenger advocated? is this another person to put in the way? will this be effective? >> i think that it will be very effective as long as the advocacy group that assigns the advocates is separate from the government and someone that people will trust. someone who is not connected to the airline industry and who is not connected to tsa or dh. >> are we still seeing a high number of passengers complain about the patdowns or screenings? this time last year, people were supposed to sit out, they were going to block the lines and create chaos as a way to show defiance because they did not agree with these patdowns and the body scanners.
2:40 pm
that did not really take off. obviously you have these three elderly women who feel that they were treated wrongly or are improperly. but are we seeing a large number of people complaining? >> we are. we have a toll free hotline at fliers rights and people call our hotline every day with these same types of complaints and they never make the media because most people are embarrassed and don't want to talk to the media about having their pants pulled down or their catheter bag dislodged or their urinary, you know, bag dislodged which has happened several times that did make the media but there are hundreds of incidents that don't. mostly what we are dark what we are see sing these elderly people are so humiliated that they just won't travel anymore. that is the problem. >> tsa agents do not perform strip searches. they are planning to establish a customer hotline, what you referred to. this idea is coming from senator charles schumer and state senator here in new york as well. you would think it is going to pick up steam? >> i do. i think that our group is going
2:41 pm
to get involved in helping it pick up steam because we would like to see answers. we would like to see tsa held accountable for some of these incidents that we know for sure are happening. and even though they con to deny that these things happen we keep getting the reports and why on earth would someone report this if it didn't happen. >> all right. >> it is -- really demoralizing for zblerns kate, thank you very much. we greatly appreciate you reacting to this headline out there. still ahead is the only nba trade that affects reality television. when those worlds collide, we will get the scoop on lamar odom's move on dallas and what it means for the kardashian klan. first, there is a lot going on today. things we thought you should know. new jersey nets prokhorov says he will run for president in russia. he will challenge current prime minister, vladimir putin in march. forbes estimates this tie con is worth $18 billion.
2:42 pm
he's only 45 years old. ♪ >> there you have it. justin bieber to the edge there with the white jacket on sharing street stage with the president and family. bieber tweeted about his moment with the first family saying, quote, great night. president obama is one cool prez. [ male announcer ] pjs, nonslip slippers, a streaming player and... a sony big-screen hdtv. ♪ ♪ ♪ how did it fit down the chimney? [ male announcer ] get low prices on the gifts they love, like the latest connected technology by sony. and get free shipping to your store or home. save money. live better. walmart.
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so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? we talked about getting a diamond. but with all the thank you points i've been earning... ♪ ...i flew us to the rock i really had in mind. ♪ [ male announcer ] the citi thank you card. earn points you can use for travel on any airline, with no blackout dates. it is the gambling men of the gop. big bucks, mitt going bust on his $10,000 wager. newt attacks mitt with a bet of his own. so who would president obama prefer to face? plus, the war in iraq winding down. as one chapter closes for the military another begins. >> thank you, martin.
2:46 pm
in case you were not aware today is green monday. the second monday of december is considered to be one of the busiest online shopping days of the year. experts say that it may even top cyber monday, monday after thanksgiving when online sales this year hit $1.2 billion. meantime, shippers are geared up today to deliver all of those online orders. msnbc's brian shactman joins us live from fedex. if you don't send it today does it mean it does not get there on time? what's the deal here? >> i don't know why today is the biggest day for fedex, december 12 always has been. you can still go to the 23rd and ship it overnight. i want to give you a little context. it shows what the internet generation has done to retailing. in 2007, fedex shipped 11.5 million packages december 12. today, this year, expect 17 million plus. that's twice the average daily volume. just an incredible amount of numbers and it is -- no different at ups. they have 120 million packages processed throughout the entire holiday season.
2:47 pm
juan to know how much it takes to deal with it? 55,000 seasonal workers are hired. they have 400 extra flights every day during the holiday just to deal with spike in volume. that's the emergence of amazons across the world. they say this holiday season in terms of shopping and spending is much better than expect. >> incredible considering the situation for so many people out of work and -- everybody else trying to save what they can. thank you. greatly appreciate it. well, in a whole different world, reaction to "men's health" magazine naming the hottest woman of all time. bad weekend in the box office. and it is the only nba trade to affect reality tv so far. let's get the scoop from pop culture columnist courtney hazlett. >> i like how that disclaimer is so far. let's start with this men's health poll that -- says that jennifer aniston is the sexiest woman of all time. of all time. i love the story so much if for nothing else, getting people
2:48 pm
really fired up. we tweeted this earlier today before the segment. saying what do you think? people, for the most part, completely disagree with "men's health" magazine. a lot of comments on twitter from people saying yeah, she's great but of all time? come on. how about rita hayworth? raquel welch? mary pick forward. >> sophia loren. >> it is phenomenal. to be fair, though, one person did say, yes, i do agree with her. apparently one of our production staff agrees. first person -- >> raquel welch at number two, marilyn at three. britney. madonna at five? >> that's a head scratcher as well. go online. feel free to join in on the conversation on twitter or facebook. >> i have to do a sidebar here. all the guys behind -- you can't see them -- on camera. they are all either giving thumbs up or down. that's so raggedy. go on. >> box office last weekend, we talked about how new year's eve was coming out because of
2:49 pm
approximately 432 celebrity stars in new year's eve. turned out to be a super weak weekend at the box office. only made $13.7 million. that's not fantastic. especially when you think of the budget just for all of those salaries. and what does it say about looking for the future? sit such a saturated box office season on the weekend of december 23 23rd eye loernalone doesn't bode well. there are too many big movies piled on at the end of the year and it is not good for business. "game of thrones." if you are among those that got addicted to the series and the books by jofshgs r.r. martin the new season is upon us. we have a bit of a teaser trailer that has been released. take a look. >> my brother left no true born heirs. i do this day lay claim to the iron throne.
2:50 pm
all true men declare loyalty. >> i can't wait. it is going to be fantastic. starts april. this coming april is when it begins to air again. one of the best shows on television, and -- i love it because it is not the kind of thing you would think would be a huge commercial success but it is -- people are smart enough to know to put it tv. only going to get bigger as it moves on. if you are a fan of this, watch the show. finally, this nba trade that will affect -- rock the world perhaps of reality television, lamar odom was traded from the l.a. lakeers. >> married to khloe kardashian. >> her heart is heavy when it comes to this. she is not thrilled about this trade. but she said that positive energy gets you farther than negative. everything happens for a reason. so the show is expected to follow the two of them as they move to dallas to set down new roots. >> new story line. >> which is -- key component that's often lacking in reality
2:51 pm
television. so -- millions of people watching. >> millions of people will be following that. >> thank you. for the latest entertainment news log on to and be a fan of scoop on facebook. i believe you will all have a reaction to this. n, do you want fast relief? try bayer advanced aspirin. it's not the bayer aspirin you know. it's different. first, it's been re-engineered with micro-particles. second, it enters the bloodstream fast, and rushes relief to the site of your tough pain. the best part? it's proven to relieve pain twice as fast as before. bayer advanced aspirin. test how fast it works for you. love it, or get your money back.
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time now for the news nation gut check. was it a low move by lowe's? home improvement chain could be the focus of a nationwide boycott after pulling ads from a new reality show. profiling muslim families in america. all american muslims have been airing on the network tlc for a month now. >> i was on a flight to d.c. and had a woman sitting behind me. the veiled woman. i'm very comfortable. i will hold her, you get your beep bep off the plane because i have a meeting to get to educate people like. >> did you a conservative group called the florida family association claims the show is, quote, propaganda that riskedly hides islamic agenda of the
2:55 pm
clear and present dangers to american values. lowe's caved to that group and pulled the ads. >> this show nowhere as -- controversial as the show that come on afterwards about the multiple wives or reality shows like "jersey shore" and other types of reality shows. >> now lowe's is backtracking a bit and originally put out a statement on facebook, short time ago gave this statement to us. all american muslims has back lightning rod for people to voice complaints, dozens of companies removed their advertising from the program beginning in late november. we have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion if we made anyone question that commitment, we apologize. if they made -- a few hours ago, minnesota democratic congressman keith ellison who is one of just two muslims in congress said that in part, quote, lowe's corporation has chosen to uphold the beliefs of a fringe hate group and not the crede of the first amendment.
2:56 pm
so what's your gut tell you? is the lowe's apology good enough? go to to cast your vote and that does it for this edition of "news nation." i'm tamron hall. tomorrow i will talk with a high school basketball player who put an end to a racist tradition that her teammates took part in for years but she was suspended for taking the team on. five days she was susz pended because she objected to them using the "n" word in their chant at games. martin bashir is up next. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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good afternoon. it is monday, december 12. here's what's happening. >> want to bet on a republican candidate? >> 10 fwhobucks? >> a bad gamble by mitt romney. >> came up and gave me a kiss and she said a lot of things you well. betting isn't one of them. >> new


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